KakaWatchNZ is a database of Kaka sightings from around the upper North Island.  Hundreds of people have emailed, texted and phoned their Kaka sightings to KakaWatchNZ.  It began in 2007 with Kaka sightings from the Auckland region, and expanded in 2008 to include the Coromandel Peninsula and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf.

All the sightings are acknowledged and then entered into a database.  The information on date, time and location is being used to build online sighting maps that are accessible to everyone.

The observations that people include on Kaka behaviour, including social interactions and feeding, will add to our knowledge of Kaka.  Information on tree species used by Kaka for roosting and feeding is also being analysed.

Kaka distribution maps for 2009 and 2010 are now in preparation.


A collection of photos of Kaka from around the Auckland Region


Year by year maps of sightings since 2007

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Click on the Kaka to send in a sighting.  Please record as much detail as possible on the time and location of the sighting, what the kaka are feeding on, the types of trees in which they are roosting, and any other behaviours - thank you!

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